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About User Registration

A user who is not a registered Siebel application user has no authenticated access to the Siebel Database. Depending on the Siebel application, unregistered users have various levels of access. Minimally, the user can access a login page. By default, or by your configuration, unregistered users may have access to some or all of the views of a particular Siebel application.

You typically grant registered users more access to data and features than you grant unregistered users. A user can be registered for some or for all of your Siebel Business Applications. You can grant different registered users different levels of access to the database and features.

Typically, a user is registered when the following tasks are performed:

  • Create a user record in the Siebel Database.
  • Provide the means for the user to be authenticated at login.

Depending on the Siebel application, a user can be registered in one or more of the following ways:

  • Self-registration. The user can self-register at the Web site.
  • Internal registration. An administrator at your company can register users.
  • External registration. A delegated administrator (a user at a customer or partner company) can register users.

If you implement an external authentication system, then adding a user to the Siebel Database, whether by self-registration or by an administrator, may or may not propagate the user's login data to the external authentication system. If the login credentials do not propagate to the authentication system, then you must create the login credentials separately in the authentication system.

If you implement database authentication, then adding the user to the database, with the user ID and password, is enough to allow this user to be authenticated.

For more information about authentication and propagation of user data, see Security Adapter Authentication.

Requirements for User Registration

You must complete the following implementations before you can register users:

  • Install your Siebel Business Applications.
  • Set up and configure your user authentication architecture.
  • Create database accounts for users, as required by your authentication architecture.

For information about user authentication, see Security Adapter Authentication.

Seed Data for User Registration

When you install your Siebel Business Applications, you are provided seed data that is related to user registration, user authentication, and user access to Siebel Business Applications. The seed data includes users, responsibilities, positions, an organization, and a database login. References to the seed data appear throughout this chapter.

For detailed information on seed data and for procedures for viewing and editing seed data, see Seed Data.

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