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New Responsibility Field for User Record

A user record may or may not have a value in the New Responsibility field in the Users view. If a value does exist, then whenever the user creates a new user, the new user's Responsibility field is assigned the value in the creating user's New Responsibility field by default. This principle applies for any type of user (employee, partner user, contact user) creating any type of user that their application allows them to create.

A user's own New Responsibility field is populated in one of the following ways:

  • The New Responsibility field value is inherited from the New Responsibility field of the user who creates this new user.
  • The New Responsibility field value is manually assigned to the user.

A user's New Responsibility field can only be modified by an internal administrator.

Delegated administrators of Siebel customer and partner applications can upgrade a user's Responsibility, but they cannot edit the New Responsibility field. Therefore, your internal administrators control the default responsibility that any customer or partner user inherits from a delegated administrator. It is important to make sure delegated administrators have New Responsibility values that you intend your new customer and partner users to have, such as the seed responsibilities provided for such users.

You may or may not want to use the New Responsibility field functionality when administrators create new employee records. If there are a variety of responsibilities assigned new employees, then it may make sense to leave employee's New Responsibility field empty. If most of your new employees are assigned the same responsibility or you want to create a batch of new employee records that all have the same responsibility, then it is probably more efficient to assign a New Responsibility value to the administrator who adds the employees.

An internal administrator can modify New Responsibility values for employees, partner users, and contact users in the same administration screen.

To modify a user's New Responsibility field value

  1. Log in as an administrator to a Siebel employee application, and then choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - User > Users.

    The Users list appears, containing all the employees, partner users, and contact users in the database.

  2. In the Users list, select the user record to modify.
  3. In the form, pick a new value in the New Responsibility field, then save the record.

    The user must log out and log in for the New Responsibility value to become active.

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