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Changing the Active Position

An employee or partner user of a Siebel application can have one or more positions, of which one is the primary position. When the user logs in, the user assumes the primary position only and the data access that the position determines.

An employee can assume a position other than the primary position, which immediately makes it the active position. The employee then accesses only the data determined by the new active position.

Changing the active position does not change the employee's primary position. When the employee subsequently logs in, the primary position becomes active.

Data visibility for a user is generally determined by the active position, rather than by a union of the user's associated positions. However, catalog and group visibility are based upon the user's employee record and are independent of the user's active position. A user who is associated with more than one position has visibility to all records associated with a catalog that is associated with any of their positions (or associated with another applicable access mechanism).

To understand data visibility for a user, you must consider which access-control mechanisms are associated with the user (positions, user lists, access groups, and so on) and with which catalogs or categories those mechanisms are associated.

To change the active position in a Siebel employee application

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > User Preferences > Change Position.

    The Change Position list appears.

  2. Click on a position record to select it, and then click Change Position.

    A check appears in the Active Position field for the selected position.

A partner user can change the primary position. The user assumes the primary position when the user next logs in.

To change the primary position in a Siebel partner application

  1. The partner user clicks Profile.

    The Personal Profile form appears.

  2. The partner user clicks the Active Position select button.

    The Positions Occupied list appears.

  3. The partner user checks a position to make it the new primary position, and then clicks the Save button for the record.
  4. The partner user clicks OK.

    The new primary position displays in the Personal Profile form.

  5. The partner user logs out, and then logs in again to make the new primary position active.

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