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Modifying the Anonymous User Record

The anonymous user is a record in the Siebel Database and a corresponding record in the user directory. The anonymous user is a component in user authentication, anonymous browsing, and self-registration.

Your user authentication architecture should be set up before configuring an application for user access. Therefore, the anonymous user should already exist in your Siebel Database and in your user directory.

For information about user authentication, see Security Adapter Authentication.

Different Siebel Business Applications in the same implementation may use different anonymous users. Two user records, identified by their user IDs GUESTCST and GUESTCP, are provided as seed data in the Siebel Database for use as anonymous users. Seed Data describes seed data users, responsibilities, and the Siebel Business Applications for which they are designed.

When a user self-registers, a new record is created in the User Registration business component. The User Registration business component is based on the same tables as the User business component, so a new User record is essentially created.

NOTE:  When a user self-registers through partner applications, such as Siebel Partner Portal, data is also written to the Contact business component (or equivalent).

The following key fields are populated automatically from fields in the anonymous user's record in the Siebel Database:

  • Responsibility. The new user's responsibility is inherited from the anonymous user's New Responsibility field. A user's responsibility determines the list of views to which the user has access.
  • New Responsibility. The new user's New Responsibility field value is also inherited from the anonymous user's New Responsibility field. The New Responsibility field is not used by regular registered users. Several Siebel Business Applications allow customer or partner users to be upgraded to delegated administrators. A delegated administrator can register other users, who inherit their responsibility from the delegated administrator's New Responsibility field.

The New Responsibility field is a single-value field. Therefore, if the seed responsibility in the New Responsibility field of your anonymous user does not provide all the views you require for self-registering users, you must do one of the following tasks:

  • Replace the New Responsibility value with a responsibility you create.
  • Copy the seed responsibility record, add missing views to the copy, and replace the New Responsibility with the modified responsibility.

    NOTE:  You cannot directly modify a seed responsibility.

For information about creating a responsibility or adding views to a responsibility, see Configuring Access Control.

For information about seed data, see Seed Data.

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