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Installing Actuate e.Report Designer Professional

Actuate e.Report Designer Professional offers developers of structured content for the Windows platform the added capability of designing, building, and distributing report object designs and components throughout the enterprise.

Installation of Actuate e.Report Designer Professional is not required to run the Siebel Reports Server.

If you install Actuate e.Report Designer Professional, you must install it on a developer machine that has Siebel Tools installed on it.

NOTE:  The following procedure is for installing the base product. For patch installation instructions, refer to the Maintenance Release Guide provided with the patch. See also About Installing Siebel Releases.

To install Actuate e.Report Designer Professional

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Siebel image location for the current software version. Then navigate to the directory where the installer is located.

    In this case, navigate to Siebel_Image\Windows\Client_Ancillary\Siebel_Reports_Client\language\erdpro.


    • Siebel_Image = The directory for your version-specific Siebel network image, such as D:\Siebel_Install_Image\
    • language = The Siebel code for the Language Pack you installed; for example, enu for U.S. English.
  2. Double-click setup.exe.

    The Actuate installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Compiling Reports with Actuate 7

The Actuate 7 e.Report Designer Professional (erdpro) compiler is more stringent and catches errors that might have been ignored in earlier Actuate versions. To provide backward compatibility for reports developed with Actuate 5.x or 6.x, which fail when compiled with Actuate 7, use the following compilation instructions.

To compile reports with Actuate 7

  1. Edit the following registry variable on the system where erdpro is installed:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Actuate\e.Report Designer Professional

  2. Set value to 1 (default value is zero).
  3. If IndirectDataRowMemberAccess is not present in your registry, create a DWORD value with the name IndirectDataRowMemberAccess and Hexadecimal value of 1.
  4. Close all open erdpro instances and open a new erdpro session.
  5. Compile your report.

NOTE:  This solution may also apply to new reports created with Actuate 7 erdpro that fail compilation due to Indirect DataRow Member Access.

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