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Troubleshooting SWSE Installation

This section provides suggestions for troubleshooting problems you may encounter when installing the SWSE.

Problem: After installation, when launching the Siebel Web Client, a message appears, stating:

Page Cannot be displayed

Cause: Virtual directories were not installed or configured properly.

Solution: Use the following procedure to resolve the problem.

  1. Refresh the connection between your browser and the Web site.
  2. Make sure that the Local Path for the virtual directories is correct. This path should be the following:


  3. Make sure that the AnonUserName specified in the eapps.cfg file is also specified in the database with the correct responsibilities. Otherwise, you cannot access the home page.
  4. Make sure that the connect string for the Siebel application is correct. It should be defined similar to the following (where load balancing is not deployed):

    ConnectString = siebel.TCPIP.none.none://SiebelServerHost:2321/EnterpriseServerName/ProductNameObjMgr_language

Problem: Your Siebel application hangs or times out.

Cause: Appropriate parameters are not available within the [default] section of the eapps.cfg file for the Siebel Business Application.

Solution: Make sure that the defaults section of the eapps.cfg file contains valid username, HTTPPort, and HTTPSPort values.

Problem: Inability to access the Siebel Web Client. The browser status bar may display errors, such as SWESubmitOnEnter is undefined, and the login page may appear to hang. Or, the Siebel Web Client login page does not display properly; for example, images may be missing.

Cause: The user running the SWSE plug-in does not have proper permissions to the SWSE_ROOT/public/lang directory.

Solution: Stop the Web server. Make sure that the user running the Web server has read and write permission to the SWSE_ROOT directory and its subdirectories, including SWSE_ROOT/public/lang. Restart the Web server.

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