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Configuring the Web Server

This section describes steps for configuring the Web server for use with the SWSE.

For version information for supported Web servers and the operating systems they run on (where you also install SWSE), see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

For IBM HTTP Server or HP Apache Web Server, to configure the Web server for use with the SWSE, you must edit the Web server httpd.conf file. For Apache-based Web servers, the httpd.conf file is the main Web server configuration file. It contains the configuration directives that give the server its instructions.

  • If you are using IBM HTTP Server, the httpd.conf file is located under IHS_ROOT/conf, where IHS_ROOT is the IBM HTTP Server installation directory.
  • If you are using HP Apache Web Server, the default directory is /opt/hpws/apache.

You should use the following guidelines for setting parameters in the httpd.conf file when using IBM HTTP Server or HP Apache Web Server with Siebel applications.

  • Required
    • Make sure your section <worker.c> looks like the following:

    <IfModule worker.c>
    ThreadLimit N
    StartServers 1
    ServerLimit 1
    MaxClients N
    MinSpareThreads 1
    MaxSpareThreads N
    ThreadsPerChild N
    MaxRequestsPerChild 0


    N = Two times the average number of concurrent users

    • The User and Group values should correspond to an existing user who has appropriate permissions. Most importantly, the user should have appropriate permissions for various SWSE directories.
  • Recommended
    • Set UseCanonicalName to OFF. You are required to set UseCanonicalName to OFF if you load-balance Web servers.
    • Set KeepAliveTimeout to 15 seconds.
    • Set MaxKeepAliveRequests=0 for maximum performance.
  • Optional

    You can comment out the line that loads the CGI module, if you are not using the CGI functionality of IBM HTTP Server or HP Apache Web Server. Commenting out the line makes tracking IBM HTTP Server or HP Apache Web Server processes simpler because there is always one child process.

    • IBM HTTP Server

    LoadModule cgid_module modules/

    • HP Apache Web Server

    LoadModule cgi_module modules/

Detailed information about the directives in httpd.conf is available at

Configuring HP Apache Web Server for Optimal Performance

Siebel Business Applications will run slowly on HP Apache Web Server unless you make the following changes to the httpd.conf configuration file.

  1. Edit the /etc/privgroup file. If it does not exist, create it. Add the following entry to the file:

    apache_group_name RTPRIO


    • apache_group_name = The group name containing the username that owns the HP Apache Web Server
  2. Save the file and exit.
  3. In the shell, execute the following command:

    setprivgrp -f /etc/privgroup

  4. Add the following to the file $APACHE_ROOT/bin/startapa, at the beginning of the file:

    rtprio 127 -$$

  5. Save the file and exit.
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