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Creating Custom Siebel Application Shortcuts

If you need to customize the Siebel Business Applications shortcuts described in Siebel Client Shortcuts, you can do so by modifying shortcut properties, and changing the value for the Target field. Generally, rather than modifying existing shortcuts or creating them from scratch, it may be best to copy existing ones and rename and modify the copies.

You must observe the following requirements for creating or modifying shortcuts:

  • Do not modify the location displayed in the shortcut property labeled Start in. Doing so may cause problems when the Upgrade Wizard is run.
  • When defining the Target value for a shortcut, follow the guidelines for using the options described in Siebel Client Start-Up Options.

The Siebel Sample Database, which is accessed by using one the Demo shortcuts described in Siebel Client Shortcuts, contains many predefined demo users. For example, CCHENG is the demo user for the Siebel Call Center Demo shortcut. Many other demo users are available in the Sample Database that are not represented in the existing Demo shortcuts. Each demo user is intended to illustrate a particular Siebel application as it would appear for a user with certain predefined responsibilities.

For lists of demo users provided with the Siebel Sample Database, by Siebel application, see the Demo Users Reference.

To view all available responsibilities

  • From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Application > Responsibilities.

    See also the access control section of the Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

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