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Disabling Language-Specific Application Object Managers

The installation of each Siebel Language Pack includes language-specific Application Object Managers (AOMs) that do not overwrite those related to other Language Packs you may have already installed.

NOTE:  After you install all the Language Packs you require among all the Siebel Servers in your Enterprise, you must install all the same Language Packs among all your Web servers. For more information about this, see Installing the Siebel Web Server Extension.

When you enable a component group for a Siebel Enterprise Server, you automatically enable the language-specific AOMs for that component for all the Siebel Servers in that Siebel Enterprise Server.

If your deployment is multilingual, you must disable the language-specific AOMs that are running by default (such as the AOMs for your primary language) on any Siebel Server that you want to dedicate to a secondary language.

To disable language-specific AOMs on Siebel Servers

  1. Navigate to $SIEBEL_HOME/bin.
  2. Execute the following command:

    disable_lang.ksh lang server1 [server2...]


    • lang = The language component you want to disable
    • server1, server2, = Names of the Siebel Servers on which you want to disable the component

      For example:

    disable_lang ENU siebsrvr1 siebsrvr2

    NOTE:  Do not place commas between the server names.

    If the execution was successful, you should see the srvrmgr banner, which this script invokes, and a message:

    connected to 0 servers of n

    A second message (command completed) appears as many times as you specified servers on which to disable language-specific AOMs.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools