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Verifying the ODBC Data Source for DB2 UDB

The Siebel Server installation program automatically creates an ODBC system data source name (DSN) that it uses to connect to the Siebel Database on the RDBMS. Prior to verifying the Siebel Server ODBC data source, make sure that the Siebel Server service is started.

CAUTION:  Do not change the default settings created automatically with the ODBC data source.

For more information about the ODBC data source, see Planning RDBMS Installation and Configuration.

To verify the ODBC data source for DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows (on UNIX) and for DB2 UDB for z/OS

  1. Open the db2cli.ini file in the $SIEBEL_HOME directory and make sure that there is a section called [siebsrvr_enterprisename], where enterprisename is the name given the Siebel Enterprise during installation, for example sieb78.
  2. Verify that the following two values are present in the section:

    dbalias = aliasname (the database alias catalogued for your DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows or DB2 UDB for z/OS database server)

    txnisolation = 1

    If the section is missing, run the configdb2 script in $SIEBEL_HOME/bin to set it, and then reverify that the section is present.

  3. Verify that the SIEBEL_UNIXUNICODE_DB environment variable is set to DB2.

    NOTE:  If you use Siebel Marketing, which requires simultaneous heterogeneous database connectivity, set this variable to ORACLE, regardless of your database platform.

  4. Source the siebenv.csh (C shell) or (Korn or Bourne shell) file.
  5. Test the connection by navigating to $SIEBEL_HOME/bin and entering the command:

    odbcsql /u user_name /p password /s ODBC_DSN


    • ODBC_DSN = The ODBC data source name, in the form siebsrvr_enterprisename, where enterprisename is the name of your Siebel Enterprise

      If you do not receive an error message, the ODBC connection is working.

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