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Siebel Tools Requirements

Before you install Siebel Tools, make sure that:

  • Your client platform meets the requirements defined in System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb for the version of the software you are using.
  • You have all the third-party software required for your implementation installed, including the database connectivity software for your chosen RDBMS.
  • You have created the Siebel Database and installed the Siebel schema and seed data, as described in Configuring the RDBMS and Installing the Siebel Database Server and Configuring the Siebel Database. This database stores the Siebel Tools project repositories.

    A local database can also be initialized for each developer user, as applicable. For more information, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications and Using Siebel Tools.

    NOTE:  The Siebel Tools Client can also access demonstration data in the Siebel Sample Database, which you can install with the Siebel Mobile Web Client. For more information, see Installing the Siebel Sample Database and related sections.

  • To create system data sources, you must modify the SystemDSN parameter in the siebel.ini file before running the Siebel Tools installation. For information about how to modify the SystemDSN parameter in the siebel.ini file, see the Siebel System Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  The sort order for the Siebel Database should be set to binary. If it is set otherwise, you cannot compile or merge repositories.

Administrative Rights for Installation

Administrative rights are required for installation or uninstallation of the Siebel Tools Client.

For information on setting administration rights, consult the operating system manuals for the version of Microsoft Windows on which you are installing the Siebel client software.

For information about uninstalling Siebel Tools Client software, see Uninstalling Siebel Tools.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools