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Installing from a Remote Server Machine

If you are installing in GUI mode from a remote server machine, you must set the DISPLAY variable to display the Java installer user interface on your local machine. For example, depending on your shell:

export DISPLAY=myworkstation:0.0


setenv DISPLAY myworkstation:0.0


  • myworkstation = The machine name or IP address of your local workstation

You may be able to test that your display works correctly on your local workstation by entering:


You can also verify the IP address by entering:


If the clock does not appear on your local workstation, then issue the following command on your local machine:

xhost +

If you observe poor performance or unexpected behavior displaying GUI-based applications on your local workstation, telnet to the UNIX server and use console mode to perform installation. For console mode installation, see Installing Siebel Applications in Console Mode.

If you are using X-connectivity software to access the UNIX machine from a Windows machine, you might experience unexpected exiting or hanging by the installer. If this is the case, try using a later version of the X-connectivity software. For Exceed, for example, use version 8.0 or greater.

NOTE:  For additional information, refer to vendor or other documentation for your UNIX platform, or contact your system administrator for assistance.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools