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Creating the Siebel Service Owner Account

The Siebel Enterprise Server requires that you create a standard UNIX system user account. This account must be defined on each Siebel Server in your Enterprise under which Siebel processes and components operate.

Use the following guidelines to create the Siebel service owner account:

  • The Siebel service owner account must be defined or available on each applicable server machine: on the Siebel Gateway Name Server, on each Siebel Server in the Enterprise, and on any machine on which the Siebel File System exists.
  • Create the account at the network level, using an appropriate administration tool for your UNIX platform, so that the same account can be used for all UNIX servers within the Siebel Enterprise Server. Make sure that the numeric values for uid and gid match across the various machines.
  • Determine what the account name and password will be, and record this information in your copy of the worksheet in Deployment Planning Worksheet. (For security reasons, you may prefer not to record the password.) See also the Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.
  • The account password should not require a change on next logon and must be set not to expire.
  • The account name or password cannot contain any spaces.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools