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About Installing in Upgrade Environments

When you install Siebel Business Applications products, you may be creating a new deployment or you may be installing updated software to be used in a deployment that is being upgraded from a previous release of the Siebel applications—such as an upgrade from version 7.5.x or 7.7.x to version 7.8.x.

You install your Siebel software before upgrading the Siebel Database. For detailed information about upgrading the Siebel Database, and about tasks you should perform before installing or upgrading, see the Upgrade Guide. See also any relevant documents on Siebel SupportWeb. Review all applicable documentation before you install or upgrade.

CAUTION:  In an upgrade environment, as part of installing Siebel software, in general, you do not perform any database-related tasks described in this book. You do, however, install the module called Siebel Database Server on a Siebel Server, following the procedure in Installing the Siebel Database Server on the Siebel Server. In particular, do not create the database instance on the RDBMS as described in Configuring the RDBMS and do not perform the tasks described in Configuring the Siebel Database on the RDBMS. After the upgrade is complete, however, you may need to modify database parameters for your platform to match settings described in Configuring the RDBMS.

After installing and upgrading, some additional tasks may apply which do not apply for new installations. Some of these tasks are described in Going Live with Siebel Business Applications. See also Preparing to Run Siebel Server Components After Installing.

When you install Siebel Business Applications in some upgrade scenarios, you may choose to install different versions of a Siebel product on the same machine. For more information, see Installing Multiple Instances of Siebel Business Applications.

After installing the base Siebel software (such as version 7.8.2), you can install any applicable patch releases (Fix Pack or Quick Fix releases). In general, you should install such patch releases before you initiate the upgrade process. After upgrading, you can install additional patch releases when they become available.

CAUTION:  After you have started upgrading, do not install any patch releases until the upgrade is complete.

For information about installing version 7.8.x patch releases, see About Installing Siebel Releases and refer to the applicable Maintenance Release Guide on Siebel SupportWeb.

Instructions in this book apply both for new installations and upgrades, except where noted.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools