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About Siebel Smart Answer


Siebel Smart Answer analyzes the content of email and search requests and returns an automatic response or suggests one or more responses to the user for approval. Smart Answer uses a "Knowledge Base" which is a file of categories, category relationships, and a statistical model that represents each category as it relates to the entire set of categories.

Smart Answer is used in the following Siebel applications:

  • Smart Answer for eMail Response
  • Smart Answer for employee applications such as Siebel ERM, Siebel PRM, and Call Center
  • Smart Answer for customer applications which eService uses

There are three basic setup scenarios:

The setup for employee and customer applications is the same. The setup for eMail differs in many ways. All are explained in Configuration and Implementation of Siebel Smart Answer.

This chapter provides an overview of the following topics:

  • Smart Answer Manager
  • Training, learning, and feedback
  • Unicode support
  • Supported languages
Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide