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Working with Smart Answer Content Types

Content types for Smart Answer are created in Siebel Tools. Content types are drawn from business components and represent the types of data your Smart Answer engine will search for. For Smart Answer to work properly in the Search Center, you need to create a new find object in Siebel Tools for each Smart Answer Profile that requires different content types. By default, Tools already supports four different content types that correspond to four different predefined Find Objects.

These content types are: Smart Answer Literature, Smart Answer Solution, Smart Answer Resolution Item, and Smart Answer Decision Issue.

The purpose for having a different Find object for each different content type is to support multiple content types to a Smart Answer Profile. Each Content Type will have a different view for drilldown, and preview, so it is necessary to have different Find objects to specify different drilldown and preview views for each different Smart Answer Content Type.

For more information on Find Objects, see Siebel Search Administration Guide.

To create a Smart Answer content type

  1. In Siebel Tools, copy an existing Find Object—for example, Smart Answer Literature (eService).
  2. Change the following object properties to reflect your new find object.
    • Name
    • Drilldown view
    • Preview
  3. Compile and test.
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