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Configuring Standard Error Files

Standard error files contain process messages that are directed to standard error and standard out. These messages come from Siebel Server or third-party components and contain important information to help diagnose Siebel Server functionality issues. For example, the information contained in a Siebel Server process message can help identify instances where siebmtshmw, the process shell in which the application object manager (AOM) component runs, is unable to start up due to problems like incorrect LIBPATH setting or a corrupt registry. For further information on Siebel Server processes, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

When configured, process messages are saved to file in the directory labeled SIEBSRVR_ROOT/log/StdErrOut. The format of the standard error files is as follows:



Process_ID = The operating system process ID number (PID).

Time_stamp = The log file creation time in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.

Standard error file logging is not enabled by default.

To configure standard error file logging

  1. On the machine running the Siebel Server, set the following environment variable to the given value:
  2. Stop and restart the machine running the Siebel Server for the environment variable to take effect.
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