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(Optional) Generating Reporting Structures Based on Territory Hierarchy

This procedure is optional. Only perform it if you want to change the parent positions for the positions belonging to the divisions in the hierarchy. This option may or may not be the right course of action for your organization's needs. Typically, you would use it if you want your management structure to parallel the territory hierarchy.

Although this procedure can be performed any time after your hierarchy has been set up, typically you choose to perform it just before or just after an alignment becomes active. For example, you might generate reporting structures based on territory hierarchy immediately after the activation of a major alignment is completed and before employees log back into the application to review their new assignments.

For the primary position for each territory, the application sets the parent-position field to the primary position of the parent territory.

TIP:   To view the primary position of a territory: navigate to Territory Management screen > Territories List. If the Primary Position field is not visible in the form applet, you need to use Siebel Tools to expose the Primary Position field in the Territory Mgmt Territory business component on the Territory Form Applet.

This task is a step in the Process of Activating and Maintaining Territory Alignments.

NOTE:  You can also update the reporting structure for selected territory nodes by using the Update Reporting Hierarchy button on the Hierarchies List > Territory Nodes view.

To generate a reporting structure based on territory hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Territory Management screen > Territory Explorer view.
  2. In the hierarchy pane, select a hierarchy.

    The Generate Reporting Hierarchy button becomes visible.

  3. In the Territory Nodes list, click Generate Reporting Hierarchy.
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