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DES (Descriptor File)

The DES file contains a list of every course element in the course. For each AU that is included in the CST file, there must be a description for it in the DES file.

Each course element (Assignable Units) is defined in this file with the following attributes so that it can be associated with the information provide in the AU file:

Description (optional)

Example DES File

This example shows a course with four course elements. The first element is the AU with System_ID = A0000, which was defined in the AU file example and has the title Microsoft Office 97: Advanced Access 97:

"A0000","Microsoft Office 97: Advanced Access 97","To demonstrate how to create, run, and customize queries and macros in Access 97","SF1_MO97A03_A0000"
"J0100","Select queries","To introduce you to queries in general and select queries in particular in Microsoft Access","SF1_MO97A03_O0100"
"J0200","Working with queries","To introduce you to total, crosstab, and action queries","SF1_MO97A03_O0200" "J0300","Automating with macros

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