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Logging in for Enterprise Application End Users

End users, employed by an organization that uses Siebel Training to conduct internal training programs, typically access Training screens through a Siebel employee application, such as Siebel Employee Relationship Management, Siebel Call Center or Siebel Sales, rather than through a separate Web site.

If Training screens are accessed from within another Siebel application, the end user may see that application's login prompts and home page, rather than the Training login prompts and home page.

The following procedure describes how end users can locate Training information when using a Siebel application.

This task is a step in Process of Accessing the Siebel Training Site.

To locate Training screens within another Siebel application

  1. Start your Siebel employee application and log in according to the procedures for that application.
  2. Navigate to the Training screen.

    The Training Home Page appears with a list of Training end-user links. For information about viewing the information available to you using the links, see Finding and Viewing Training Information.

  3. Click the appropriate link to find training.

NOTE:  If you use Training screens within the Siebel ERM (Employee Relationship Management), you may also be able to navigate to Training screens by clicking the Training screen tab. This is an alternative to using the Site Map.

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