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Training Curriculum Elements

A curriculum is a set of courses designed to fulfill a specific educational requirement such as a certification program or degree program.

Curriculums are predefined, ordered sequences of training elements. Each curriculum has a sequence of required steps. Each step can include one or more individual training elements (courses, events, exams, and so on), with specifications of how many elements are required to pass each step. This flexibility allows for electives (for example, taking three courses from a set of six) to be mixed with standard required elements. Each element and step can be individually weighted for tracking purposes.

Before Training users can enroll in a curriculum, you must provide detailed information about the curriculum and the courses included. Then, you can also specify literature materials that are associated with the curriculum itself, rather than being associated with individual courses. Curriculum materials and course materials are designated separately and are visible to training users using different views.

When you are satisfied with the details of the curriculum, you must release the curriculum to lock the content and make it available to users. Once released, curriculum details cannot be changed. Only the Access Group and Private Flag settings can be changed. End users can enroll in curriculum paths and can review their progress as they take successive courses within their career paths.

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