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Registering a Customer for a Self-Paced (CD-ROM or Web) Course

You can register a customer for a self-paced course, such as a Web-based course or a CD-ROM course. The following procedure assumes that the prospective student is already listed as a contact.

This task is a step in Registering Training Customers.

To register a customer for a self-paced course

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Course Details view.
  2. In the Courses list, select the self-paced course, and then click the course name.
  3. In the Add User form, click Add User, select a name, and click Finish.

    NOTE:  If users have not met certain course prerequisites, a message appears indicating that prerequisite courses must be completed before this enrollment can be confirmed. Administrators can select the Override Prerequisites check box on the Add Enrollments view tab, and then click Finish to bypass all prerequisites and complete the current enrollment. Prerequisite override capability can be used for single or multiple enrollments.

    The following table describes what happens if the user the administrator is adding is or is not an employee.


    The user being added by the administrator is an employee.

    They are registered and added to the Enrollments view tab.

    The user being added by the administrator is not an employee.

    The shopping cart appears.

    Verify that the appropriate training charges appear, and click Check Out.

    For more information on Shopping Cart functionality, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.

  4. Click the Enrollments view tab.

    A read-only value appears in the Status field for the attendee registered, reflecting the attendee's registration status.

    NOTE:  Users can edit and save quotes as well as add details to the order if necessary. For more information on quotes and orders, see Product Administration Guide.

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