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Browsing the Siebel Catalog

End users can browse the Siebel Catalog to find training courses or curriculums. The Siebel Catalog offers customer and partner training in such areas as pricing, access control, and user interface options. For more information on setting up Siebel Catalog, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Finding Training on the Siebel Training Web Site.

To browse the training and curriculum catalogs

  1. Log in to the Training site, and click the Training Catalog link on the navigation bar.

    The administration may have set up the catalog so the end user sees different categories of courses and curriculums. Users can drill down on these categories to locate the appropriate course or curriculum.

  2. From the Catalog page, click a link to browse for training courses or curriculums.
  3. From the Catalog Items page, you can click:
    • Show Details
    • Enroll or Enroll Others
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