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About the Training Learning Center

The Training Learning Center home page provides links that help the end user manage training activities.

The Learning Center page includes the following sections:

  • Navigation bar. The navigation bar on the left side of the Training home page helps users navigate within the Training site. This navigation bar is visible regardless of what link the user is accessing. The following links are available on the left navigation bar:
    • Find Training
    • Training Catalog
    • Curriculum Paths
    • My Training
    • My Transcripts
    • Recommended Training
    • Training Library
    • My Team's Training
  • Feature Articles. This section provides links to pertinent training-related news and updates to available training such as a new course, with prerequisites and contact information. The feature articles are created using Group News Administration.

    For more information on creating Feature Articles, see Siebel Content Publishing Guide. If no feature articles are active, this section does not appear on the Training home page.

  • My Skills Development. This section includes links that help the user navigate to:
    • My Recommended Training
    • My Skills Gaps
  • Featured Training. This section provides links to new courses. The courses that appear in the list are the most recently created courses that are flagged as featured Training.
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