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About Creating Skills Tests and Test Questions

Skills tests can include the following kinds of knowledge assessment methods:

  • True-or-false questions
  • Single-choice questions with one correct answer
  • Multiple-choice questions with multiple correct answers
  • Questions that require the student to type in a text answer
  • Questions to which the student chooses a response from a numerical range

True-or-false, single-choice, multiple-choice, and range questions can be graded automatically within Training. Text answers must be read, evaluated, and graded by a person with administrator privileges. Questions with a range of responses are often used to allow the student to evaluate the effectiveness of the course or instructor and are not graded.

You can define stand-alone questions that can be used in multiple tests. Similarly, you can define stand-alone tests that are not associated with training courses, allowing you to associate a test with multiple courses. You also can define pools of questions from which individual test questions are randomly drawn each time a student takes the test.

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