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Taking a Skills Test

When an end user takes a Training course or class, one or more skills tests may be required to determine whether the user has mastered the concepts presented in the course. The instructor may direct the student to take skills tests at a specific time, or the student may choose to take associated tests at a time that is convenient.

NOTE:  Users may not be able to take a skills test more than once.

Skills tests can include:

  • Multiple-choice questions with single or multiple correct answers
  • True-or-false questions
  • Questions for which you must supply a short text answer or a text essay

Multiple-choice questions and true-or-false questions are automatically graded immediately. An instructor or another individual in the training organization must grade questions that require the test takers to supply an answer.

This task is a step in Process of Taking Tests, Tracking Progress, and Viewing Transcripts.

To take a skills test

  1. Log in to the Training Web site.
  2. Click the My Training screen tab, and then click the My Training Enrollments link.

    Two sections appear on the page:

    • My Media Training. This section lists Web-based and CD-ROM-based courses.
    • My Live/Classroom Training. This section lists Instructor-Led classes.
  3. Locate the course in the appropriate section list, and click the link in the Course field.
  4. On the My Class Details page, scroll down to the Test & Evaluation list, and click the Take Test button for the appropriate test.

    Multiple tests can be associated with one course or class.

  5. In the Skills Test page, answer each test question, and then click Submit.

    Test results may or may not be available for immediate viewing, depending on the kind of questions included in the test, and the type of scoring that the training administrator has set for the test. For example, test results for Web-based courses can be viewed a short time after clicking Submit.

    If test results are not available within an expected amount of time, ask the instructor when the results are expected to be compiled.

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