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Assessing Training Progress of Employees

Managers can use the Training Web site to view training-related progress information for direct reports, if the following conditions are met:

  • The manager must be registered in the Siebel Training system with a Siebel responsibility that gives the manager access to the Training Managers screen.
  • The Siebel position is set to show that the manager supervises other training users.

For general information about user access to Siebel applications, see Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

This task is a step in Process of Taking Tests, Tracking Progress, and Viewing Transcripts.

Employee Training Information Available to Managers

Managers can view the following training information associated with direct reports:

  • Information about the classes and courses in which employees have enrolled.
  • Status of each enrollment (Confirmed, Pending, Waiting List, Cancelled, Completed, and so on).
  • Scores for any skills tests taken by employees that are managed.
  • Information about the curriculum paths in which direct reports have enrolled.
  • Progress of the employees in the curriculum paths.

Viewing Employee Enrollments and Test Scores

The following procedure describes how to view information about employees that you manage.

To view employee enrollment information and test scores

  1. Log in to the Training Web site.
  2. On the left side on the page, click the My Team's Training link bar, and on the Direct Reports page, click the My Team's Enrollments link.
  3. Select a record, and click the link in the Registration # field.

    The following information appears:

    • Description of the course or class associated with the selected enrollment.
    • Information about tests associated with the course or class.
    • The team member's scores for the tests.

Viewing Employee Curriculum Paths and Progress

The following procedure describes how a manager can view the curriculum progress of a direct report. A curriculum is a specific set of training offerings that address a particular goal, such as earning a certification or degree. Curriculum paths are established by the training organization.

To view curriculum information and progress for your employees

  1. Log in to the Training Web site.
  2. Click the My Team's Training link bar, and click the My Team's Curriculums link.

    A summary of curriculum enrollment information for all direct reports appears.

  3. In the My Team's Curriculums list, locate the curriculum enrollment, and click the link in the Name field.

    The My Team's Curriculum Progress page appears, detailing the progress of the direct report in the selected curriculum. The details include:

    • Status of the report's progress through the curriculum, such as Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.
    • Weighted completion percentage, based on the number of curriculum steps or courses completed.
    • Date the direct report enrolled in the curriculum.
    • Date the direct report completed the curriculum, if applicable.

      In addition, information appears about each course in the curriculum:

    • The percentage weight given to the course in the curriculum.
    • The direct report's status for the course, such as Confirmed, Cancelled, or Completed.
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