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Extracting Developers or Siebel Tools Clients

Upgrades: All upgrades.

Environments: Development environment only.

Extract all Siebel Tools developers and clients using the Database Extract component from a new Siebel Server.

After you have extracted and initialized the mobile databases of all Siebel Tools developers, they must check out a read-only copy of all projects into the local database. For further information on setting up Siebel Tools developers, see Using Siebel Tools.

Testing the Upgraded Configuration

You must test the upgraded configuration thoroughly to make sure that all functionality works as expected. You need to execute your full development or acceptance test plan, including at least one synchronization session from a mobile client, before proceeding to upgrade your production environment.

If you make further changes to your customized configuration, remember to re-export the repository to the custrep.dat file before running the production environment upgrade.

After you have thoroughly and successfully tested your upgraded configuration, your development environment upgrade is complete. Proceed with Preparing a Production Environment for Upgrade.

NOTE:  Save the log files generated during the repository upgrade and schema upgrade. Locate the custrep.dat file in the DBSRVR_ROOT\COMMON subdirectory. Save the custrep.dat file for your production upgrade.

Upgrade Guide for DB2 UDB for z/OS