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Using the Wrap Enabled Parameter

When the Siebel Universal Queuing configuration parameter Wrap Enabled is set to TRUE, agent availability is affected as follows:

  • An agent will receive only one work item at a time.
  • After a work item is released, the agent's availability is automatically set to not ready, for all channels handled by Siebel Universal Queuing.
  • The Change Ready State button on the communications toolbar is enabled, and the agent must explicitly set availability to ready—for all channels or for individual channels—in order to receive a new work item. (While each work item is active, the agent's state is busy.)
  • The agent receives work items one at a time. Once the agent has accepted a work item, the routing engine will not route another work item until the agent finishes the current work item and sets availability to ready.

NOTE:  For this approach, for each employee, the simultaneous sessions specified for each applicable channel must be greater than 0 (zero). For more information, see Simultaneous Sessions.

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