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The Siebel Universal Queuing configuration parameters, described in Table 7, specify settings that tell Siebel Server how to connect to the Siebel Universal Queuing routing engine.

You must define at least one Siebel Universal Queuing configuration and make this the primary configuration. You can define multiple configurations, but only one configuration can be set as primary. The primary configuration is used by default when an attempt is made to connect to the routing engine and no Siebel Universal Queuing configuration is specified in the agent's communications configuration, or the agent is not defined in any communications configuration.

When call center agents are configured in Siebel Communications Server, they are assigned to a communications configuration. When creating a communications configuration in the Communications Administration screen, you can specify a particular Siebel Universal Queuing configuration for your agents to use, by using the UQConfigurationName parameter.

For more information on Siebel Universal Queuing configurations, see Defining Configurations. For information on communications configurations, see Defining Communications Configurations, and refer to Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

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