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About Siebel Universal Queuing

Siebel Universal Queuing is a business solution that assists you in routing the communications customers use to interact with your company. Typical communications channels are voice calls or email.

Siebel Universal Queuing routes incoming communications to the most appropriately skilled call center agent. Siebel Universal Queuing also determines agent availability, which is key to routing communications so they will be handled in a timely manner.

To determine the best available agent, Siebel Universal Queuing applies routing rules that you define. To define such a rule, you determine:

  • The communications channel to which a rule applies (voice, email, fax, and so on)
  • The specific properties for each communication that will be matched to the routing rule
  • The skills (language, product area, and so on) that an agent must possess to appropriately handle communications routed by this rule
  • The skill competency level required for this routing rule
  • The escalation times for each route

Because Siebel Universal Queuing is solely a routing engine, it can route (or find an agent for) any work item that contains work item characteristics that can be matched to routing rules.

The communications toolbar in the Siebel application allows agents to manage communications received from the configured communications channels. Communications are routed to an agent based on selection performed by Siebel Universal Queuing.

Managers can monitor work load response times and agent availability, and modify routing rules in real time.

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