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Transferring Work Items to Another Route

In addition to transferring a work item to another call center agent, you can transfer an inappropriately routed work item to a route that can better handle the request. When you transfer a work item to another route, the selection criteria of the new route is bypassed and the work item is processed through the escalation steps as appropriate.

Transfer to route can also be used if an agent receives a work item because a more qualified agent was not available and the work item progressed through the escalation steps. In this case, if the work item could better be handled by a more qualified agent, the work item can be transferred back to the same route. However, if a more qualified agent is still not available, the work item could be reassigned to the transferring agent.

The routes to which you can transfer a work item are automatically generated based on the routes defined by the administrator.

The Transfer to Route command is accessed by using the Blind Transfer button on the communications toolbar. This button is configured, by default, to transfer work items to a route, in addition to performing other blind transfer operations. Alternatively, administrators can create a separate button on the communications toolbar, or configure a communications menu command, by which agents can access the Transfer to Route function.

Communications commands to transfer a work item to a route must specify the special command @UQTransferWorkItemToRoute as the device command.

For more information about special commands, command configuration, and communications toolbar and menu configuration, refer to Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

To transfer a work item to another route

  1. Select the work item you want to transfer to another route.
  2. From the communications toolbar, click Blind Transfer.

    A list of routes appears.

  3. Click the route to which you want to transfer the selected work item.

The work item is placed in the route specified and routed to the next available agent based on the escalation steps.

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