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Resetting the Siebel Universal Queuing Agent Session

When the Siebel application is not responding to an agent's communications activity (such as when the agent cannot change ready state or log out), the agent should contact the system administrator for assistance in resolving the problem.

If the system administrator has determined that one of the following problems exist, the agent should reset the Universal Queuing session, as described below:

  • Agent was unable to complete a work item.
  • Agent was unable to accept a new work item or had no incoming work items.
  • Agent was unable to change state to ready or not ready.
  • Agent was unable to log in or log out.

To reset the Siebel Universal Queuing session (performed by agent)

  1. Request assistance from the system administrator in determining the problem.
  2. From the application-level menu, choose View > Communications > Reset > UQ Agent Reset.

    The agent is logged out from Siebel Universal Queuing. All real-time work items associated with this agent are abandoned, such as voice calls. All nonreal-time work items associated with this agent are rerouted to the next available agent. The agent can now log back in.

  3. Close the Web browser.
  4. Restart the Siebel application and log in.
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