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Notifying Siebel Universal Queuing of Updates

Routing rules and escalations are loaded from the database when the Siebel Universal Queuing routing engine is started. When you make changes to routing rules and escalations, you might not want to have to restart the routing engine in order to load the new rules. The Notify UQ button on the Routes view in the UQ Administration screen allows you to reload the routing rules and escalations while the routing engine is running.

NOTE:  Notify UQ does not reload the setting of the Non Real-Time flag for a route. This setting should not be changed for a route during runtime.

When you click Notify UQ, all routes, route properties, and escalations are reloaded, not just those you have changed.

Notify UQ is especially useful when you change the characteristics of an existing route or add a new route. You can also use Notify UQ after deleting a route; the route is deleted after the last work item is routed to an agent. Once a route is loaded (or reloaded) into the routing engine, the route remains until the next restart of the system.

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