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Planning a Siebel Email Response Global Deployment

Before deploying Siebel Email Response in an international environment, analyze your organization's requirements.

  • Do any groups in your organization receive messages in languages other than English? If so, do they have an email address set up to receive international messages? How are international email messages handled currently?
  • What code page does your Siebel Server support? How many languages does your organization plan to support?
  • If your organization plans to support three languages (French, German, and Italian), you need to create one profile for each language. You also create one response group for each language, adding the appropriate profile to the response group. Each response group will support one language-specific profile. For example, to support French, the response group named supports the profile named
  • If you use Siebel Smart Answer, see the following requirements:
    • If you process email messages only in the languages supported by Smart Answer, you do not need to set up a separate profile and response group for each language.
    • However, if you want to process email messages that are not supported by Smart Answer, you must set up a separate profile and response group to process email in each of those languages.
  • Which routing method will you use to route incoming email to agents? You can route activities using Assignment Manager or Universal Queuing based on the language of the message.

    NOTE:  The language field is not displayed in the Activities list. To see the language of the activity, you have to select the More Info tab, click the Show More button, and check the Language field.

  • What communications templates have you decided to use in Siebel Email Response replies? If your organization is planning to support multiple languages and decides to add new templates, the template text will have to be translated to the languages that the customer plans to support.

    See Creating Templates For International Deployments.

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