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Understanding Siebel Email Response Workflows

The Siebel Email Response workflow begins when a customer sends an email to your company over the Internet using that customer's email software. In the example illustrated in Figure 1, the email passes through the customer's email server and communicates with your email server using SMTP/POP3 (Simple Mail Transport Protocol and Post Office Protocol 3) communication protocols. The Communications Inbound Receiver (CIR) uses POP3 to retrieve the inbound message.

Determining Supported Email Sender Software and Email Server

The following guidelines describe the types of email software a sender can use and the types of email servers that should be used by your company.

  • Sender's email system. The sender can use any email software product currently used on the Internet.
  • Your email server. The Siebel-provided Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver has been tested and certified with a number of email servers. Although many email servers support the SMTP and POP3 email protocols, it is recommended that you use a supported email server for the following reasons:
    • These servers have been certified and tested by Siebel Engineering.
    • Siebel Technical Support has access to these servers in supporting customer issues.

See Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb for support information about your email system.

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