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Recapturing the Account Id (Optional)

The scenarios in About Authenticating the Email Sender's Email Address in Siebel Email Response contain a step that deletes the Account Id output argument. When you delete the Account Id output argument, eMail Response - Process Service Request no longer captures the account Id for the contact. You can use the Contact Id process property to obtain the Account Id value using the following example. For more details, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

NOTE:  This procedure is optional.

To recapture the Account Id

  1. Create a new business service step in the workflow process and call it Find Contact Account. Set the business service to Inbound Email Siebel Operation and the method to FindRecord.
  2. Connect the Lookup Sender to the Find Contact Account step instead of the Get Subject Keyword step.
  3. Connect the Find Contact Account step to the Get Subject Keyword step.
  4. In the Find Contact Account step, create the following input arguments and assign the values shown in the following table.
    Input Argument

    Business Object



    Business Component



    Query Fields



    Value Fields


    Account Id

    Object ID

    Process Property

    Contact Id

  5. Create an output argument called Account Id and set its value to Account Id.
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