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Clib.time() Method

This method returns an integer representation of the current time.


Clib.time([[var] timeInt])



A variable to hold the returned value, which must be declared if it has not already been declared


An integer representation of the current time.


The format of the time is not specifically defined except that it represents the current time, to the operating system's best approximation, and can be used in many other time-related functions. If timeInt is supplied, it is set to equal the returned value.

Clib.time(timeInt) and timeInt = Clib.time() assign the current local time to timeInt.


For examples, see Clib.div() Method and Clib.ldiv() Method, Clib.difftime() Method, Clib.gmtime() Method, Clib.localtime() Method, and Clib.strftime() Method.

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