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The Date Object

Siebel eScript provides two different systems for working with dates. One is the standard Date object of JavaScript; the other is part of the Clib object, which implements powerful routines from C. Two methods, Date.fromSystem() and Date.toSystem(), convert dates in the format of one system to the format of the other. The standard JavaScript Date object is described in this section.

CAUTION:  To prevent Y2K problems, avoid using two-digit dates in your eScript code. Siebel eScript follows the ECMAScript standard for two-digit dates, which may be different from the conventions used by other programs, including Siebel applications.

A specific instance of a variable followed by a period should precede the method name to call a method. For example, if you had created the Date object aDate, the call to the .getDate() method would be aDate.getDate(). Static methods have "Date." at their beginnings because these methods are called with a literal call, such as Date.parse(). These methods are part of the Date object itself instead of instances of the Date object.

In this topic, dateVar stands for the name of a variable that you create to hold a date value.

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