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Blob.get() Method

This method reads data from a binary large object.

Syntax A

Blob.get(blobVar, offset, dataType)

Syntax B

Blob.get(blobVar, offset, bufferLen)

Syntax C

Blob.get(blobVar, offset, blobDescriptor dataDefinition)



The name of the binary large object to use


The position in the BLOB from which to read the data


An integer value indicating the format of the data in the BLOB

blobDescriptor dataDefinition

A blobDescriptor object indicating the form of the data in the BLOB


The data read from the BLOB.

This method reads data from a specified location of a binary large object (BLOB), and is the companion function to Blob.put().

Use Syntax A for byte, integer, and float data. Use Syntax B for byte[] data. Use Syntax C for object data.

dataType must have one of the values listed for blobDescriptors in The blobDescriptor Object.


This example shows how to get values from a Blob object.

function GetBlobVal()
   var a, b, c;
   a = "";
   b = 1234;
   c = 12345678;
   // Call a function to build the Blob
   var blob = BuildBlob(a, b, c);
   // Get the values from the blob object
   // The first variable is string
   var resultA = Blob.get(blob,0,1000);
   // The second variable is an integer
   var resultB = Blob.get(blob,1000,UWORD16);
   // The third variable has a type of float
   var resultC = Blob.get(blob,1002,FLOAT64);

function BuildBlob(a, b, c)

   var blob;
   a = "Blob Test Value From Function";
   var offset = Blob.put(blob, 0, a, 1000);
   offset = Blob.put(blob, offset, b*2, UWORD16);
   Blob.put(blob, offset, c*2, FLOAT64);
   return blob;

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