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ToUint32() Method

This function converts its parameter to an integer in the range of 0 to 232 -1.





The value to be converted


If the result is NaN, +0. If the result is +0 , 0. If the result is POSITIVE_INFINITY, it returns Infinity. Otherwise, it returns the unsigned (that is, absolute value of) integer part of the number, rounded toward 0.


This function converts value to an unsigned integer part of value in the range of 0 through 232 - 1 (4,294,967,296). To use it without error, first pass value to isNaN() or to ToNumber().

To use isNan() without error, use a statement in the following form:

if (isNaN(value))
.   [error-handling statements];

Because ToUint32() truncates rather than rounds the value it is given, numbers are rounded toward 0. Therefore, 12.88 becomes 12.

CAUTION:  The ToUint32() function is unique to Siebel eScript. Before using it, confirm that the JavaScript interpreter that will run the script supports Siebel eScript functions. Avoid using this function in a script that may be used with a JavaScript interpreter that does not support it.

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