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The Clib Object Character Classification in Siebel eScript

The eScript language does not have a true character type. For the character classification routines, a char is actually a one-character string. Thus, actual programming usage is very much like C. For example, in the following fragment, both .isalnum() statements work properly:

var t = Clib.isalnum('a');

var s = 'a';
var t = Clib.isalnum(s);

This fragment displays the following:


In the following fragment, both Clib.isalnum() statements cause errors because the parameters to them are strings with more than one character:

var t = Clib.isalnum('ab');

var s = 'ab';
var t = Clib.isalnum(s);

The character classification methods return Booleans: true or false. The following character classification methods are supported in the Clib object:

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