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Oracle® Content Database Application Administrator's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.2)

Part Number B31265-02
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1 Oracle Content DB Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle Content DB application. This chapter contains the following topics:

What Is Content Management?

Content management systems enable organizations to support the life cycle of content. The life cycle of content typically consists of creating, editing, publishing, and archiving. For example, content is created by one or more authors. Over time, that content may be edited and approved for publication. Once the content has been published, it may be replaced by another form of content and archived or removed from use.

Content management can improve an organization's knowledge sharing and communication capability. Content management systems improve users' efficiency by making content readily available.

In addition, content management systems may include version control, workflow, security, and more.

Oracle Content Database

Oracle Content DB is a consolidated, database-centric content management system that provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for file and document life cycle management. Oracle Content DB enables enterprise customers to use one highly scalable, manageable, and usable application to manage all of their unstructured information.

Oracle Content DB Administration

There are two types of administration for Oracle Content DB: system administration and application administration.

A single user can act in multiple roles. In addition, each role has a different set of access privileges.

Oracle Content DB Default Folder Structure

When Oracle Content DB is installed, and the personal library is enabled, a default folder structure is automatically created with the following folders:

Signing In to Oracle Content DB for the First Time

Initially, when Oracle Content DB is installed, a default user is chosen.

When first signing in to Oracle Content DB, use the orcladmin user for the default realm. This user has all the Oracle Content DB administrative roles.

The orcladmin user can designate the various application administrator roles to other users. A user can have more than one application administrator role, and more than one user may be assigned the same application administrator role.

In addition, the orcladmin user can designate the Security Administrator role to a user, and in turn, that Security Administrator can designate the remaining application administrator roles to other users.

Once users have been assigned administrator roles, they can sign on to the application as a regular user, and decide whether or not they want to be in administrator mode by selecting Switch to Administration Mode.