Oracle Content Database
10g Release 1 (10.2) 

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Getting Started with Oracle Content Database 10g

Oracle Content Database 10g (Oracle Content DB) expands on the data management capabilities of Oracle Database to provide support for managing all of the unstructured content in the enterprise.

Key features include:

  • Client interfaces that are designed to help users get started quickly, without a steep learning curve or having to change the way they work. These client interfaces include:
    • A Web client that lets you connect to Oracle Content DB from any browser and that provides a familiar user experience.
    • Oracle Drive, a native Windows application that lets you use Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, and other Windows applications to access content in Oracle Content DB. Oracle Drive displays files and folders in Oracle Content DB as a mapped drive in Windows Explorer.
  • Support for multiple, independent Sites in one installation of Oracle Content DB.
  • Layered, policy-based content management that lets users define versioning, custom metadata, and workflow policies at the folder level.
  • User, group, and role-based access control that can be applied at the folder level and refined at the document level.
  • A comprehensive Web services API for integrating Oracle Content DB with other applications running in your organization.
  • Compliance support through the optional Oracle Records DB component, as well as the records management capabilities built into Oracle Content DB.
  • Comprehensive, event-based auditing capabilities for enhanced security and compliance support.
  • Content, property, and custom metadata-based searching to help users quickly find the information they need.

To get started with Oracle Content DB, click the Documentation tab and read the Release Notes for the latest information. Then, refer to the Installation Guide for information about how to get Oracle Content DB up and running.

Once you have logged in to Oracle Content DB or Oracle Records DB, you can refer to the online help for information about how to perform common tasks, like uploading content, sharing folders, or versioning files.

For more information about Oracle Content DB, see the Oracle Content DB page on the Oracle Technology Network.

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