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Oracle® Identity Manager Tools Reference Guide
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B32457-01
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9 Compiling Adapters

When you create multiple adapters, and need to compile them, you can do so in one of two ways. First, you can access each adapter, and compile it individually. However, this method is unproductive.

A more-efficient approach is to either select the adapters that you want to compile, and compile them in one shot, or, when necessary, to compile all adapters that exist in the Oracle Identity Manager database, by clicking a button.

Compiling Adapters

The Adapter Manager form is located in the Development Tools folder. It is used to compile multiple adapters simultaneously.

You will now learn how to compile several adapters at the same time.

To Compile Multiple Adapters

To compile multiple adapters, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Adapter Manager form.

  2. To compile every adapter that resides within the Oracle Identity Manager database, select the Compile All option.

    To compile multiple adapters, highlight those adapters you wish to compile. Then, select the Compile Selected option.

    To compile all adapters that do not have an OK status, select the Compile Previously Failed option.

  3. Click the Start button.

    Oracle Identity Manager will compile the adapters that match the criteria you specified in Step 2.


Oracle Identity Manager allows you to look at the record of any adapter that appears within the Adapter Manager form. By doing so, you can see detailed information about the adapter.

To view an adapter's record, first, highlight the desired adapter. Then, either double-click its row header, or right-click the adapter, and select the Launch Adapter command from the menu that appears.