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Creating Linked Advisor Feature Tables

Use Linked Tables when feature table information needed for multiple UI controls is identical. For example, if you have an Interior Color feature table for a Car pageset and you want to create an Exterior Color feature table that uses the same set of color values, you can create the Exterior Color feature table as a linked table.

You cannot edit a linked table. To make changes to the table design or table data, edit the original table. In this example, the Interior Color feature table.

To create a linked Advisor pageset feature table

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Pagesets > My Pagesets.
  2. In the My Pagesets list, select the pageset for which you want to create a linked feature table.
  3. Select the Feature Tables tab and click New.

    A new Feature Table record appears.

  4. Enter a name, without spaces, for the feature table.
  5. Click the Linked to field.
  6. Click the button in the Linked to field.

    A dialog box appears.

  7. Select the table whose data you want to use.
  8. Click OK.
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