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About the Advisor Project Files

Advisor uses the information you enter in the project to create the HTML and JavaScript files. These files define the basic structure and appearance of the application. These files are stored in Oracle's Siebel File System and listed in the Project Files tab. When you preview or deploy the project, these files and directories are created in two different directories, both under ISSRUN\CDAPROJECTS. For information about the Advisor files, see Siebel Advisor API Reference.

Advisor provides a structured approach to creating and managing the files that make up an application. An Advisor project is a collection of project objects that represent the files in an application.

Many of the project objects are identical, in name and underlying format, to the application files they represent. For example, the Application UI Definition file object in an Advisor project is precisely the same file as the Application UI Definition file in the associated application.

However, some application files are not represented as file objects in Advisor. For example, a Contents file in an application is represented in Advisor as a contents list table.

Certain application files are represented by a collection of Advisor project objects, as opposed to a single object. For example, a single Configuration Data file in an application is represented in Advisor as a collection of Configuration tables.

Advisor generates application files from Advisor project objects when you preview or deploy your project.

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