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Restarting the Servers after ADM Installation and Configuration

Following the configuration tasks you undertook in the following topics, you must restart the Siebel Server, the Siebel Management Agent, and the Siebel Management Server in sequence:

The Siebel System Administration Guide describes how to start and stop the Siebel Server, the Siebel Management Server, and Siebel Management Agents.

On both the Microsoft Windows and UNIX platforms, perform these tasks in the following order:

  1. Stop the Siebel Server.
  2. Stop the Siebel Management Agent.
  3. Stop the Siebel Management Server.
  4. Start the Siebel Server.
  5. Start Siebel Management Agent.
  6. Start Siebel Management Server.

NOTE:  As indicated in the previous list, the different Siebel Management Agents on the Siebel Servers must be started before the Siebel Management Server is started to avoid an unnecessary large volume of errors in the log files. When shutting down, also shut down the Siebel Server before the agents.

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