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Creating Integration Objects for ADM

Creating an integration object for Application Deployment Manager (ADM) allows you to migrate new database data types using ADM.

NOTE:  The preconfigured data types do not require any configuration in Siebel Tools.

The integration object specifies the format and structure of the set of data that you want to migrate.

Use the EAI Object Wizard in Siebel Tools to create integration objects. For more information on the integration objects and on using the EAI Object Wizard, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

NOTE:  Intermediate-level knowledge of the Siebel EAI architecture and integration is a prerequisite before performing these tasks. For more information on Siebel EAI, see Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

To create an ADM integration object

  1. Identify the business object that corresponds to the data type you want to migrate using ADM. This business object must have only one primary business component.
  2. In Siebel Tools, choose File > New Object.
  3. From the New Object screen, select Integration Object.

    The EAI Object Wizard guides you through the process of setting up an integration object.

  4. Remove any unwanted fields or integration components from the new integration object.
  5. Adjust the user keys of the integration object. For more information on user keys for integration objects, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.
  6. Validate the integration object by selecting the integration object and clicking Validate.
  7. Review the report, and modify your integration object as needed.
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