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Creating ADM Deployment Filters with PDQs

Creating ADM deployment filters with predefined queries (PDQs) provides an alternate means of identifying specific records of a particular data type for deployment. This task is a step in Consolidating ADM Data Types into Deployment Units. For more information on creating deployment filters alone, see Creating ADM Deployment Filters and About ADM Deployment Filters.

To create ADM deployment filters with PDQs

  1. In the corresponding view of the data you want to deploy, query for the records of interest.
  2. From the application-level menu, select Query, and then Save Query As. This will save the query as a PDQ.

    For example, navigate to the Administration - Assignment screen > Assignment Rules List view, query for all assignment rules starting with the letter A, and save the query.

    For information on querying and PDQs, see Siebel Fundamentals.

  3. Navigate to the Application Deployment Manager screen > Deployment Projects view.
  4. In the Deployment Projects list, select the project of interest.
  5. In the Deployment Project data types list, select the data type of interest.

    In this example, select the Assignment Rules data type (AssignRule).

  6. In the Deployment Filter field, select the saved PDQ from the drop-down list.

    In this example, select the PDQ saved from the Assignment Rules List view.

    The Deployment Filter field is populated with the PDQ, and the PDQ field contains the name of the saved query.

  7. To make sure the filter is accurate, click the Validate Filter button.
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